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October 25, 2016

The night of nights is dawning on us, with The Bachelorette finale soon to be aired on our tv screens and fill our Thursday night with bottles of bubbly, a lot of laughs and even a few tears here and there.

It is clear that LENZO are utterly obsessed with the dating franchise, and Georgia Love has kept us well and truly on the edge of our seats as we plough through the #BachieGossip just to get an idea of who may be the one to receive the final rose.

So we know how we are spending our Thursday night, and if you too want to be a hopeless romantic, we are sharing some #FAB tips on how to throw a Bachie party like no other in the form of one of Osher’s mysterious Date Cards!

DATE CARD ONE: Invite the perfect group of girls and boys over to relax in your lounge to see who will receive the final rose - and remember, no Rhys or Sam rivalries are welcome tonight!

DATE CARD TWO: Channel the date decorations – think warm toned colours, scattered candles and fairy lights. And don't forget the vibrant red rose petals!

Via Pinteresttmp_058d1c9ba8caeb0f17bb83fbde197270

DATE CARD THREE: Wanting to have your very own cocktail party? Well, why not create a drinking game to get you through the night... LENZO recommends putting the overused #BACHIE words into a hat - ie. journey, love, falling, amazing, etc. - and drinking every time the words you pull out are said!

Sugar and Charmfloral_ice_bucket_2

DATE CARD FOUR: If you cast your minds back to Richie's season, you may remember roses are edible, so make sure to carry out the theme with your catering! Think rosewater cookies, red-velvet ice-cream sandwiches and you can never go past a glass of frosé.


Eating Bird Food


DATE CARD FIVE: Put on a cocktail dress to rival Georgia Love and get your guests to all dress up too! Right now we are loving:

Iota Dress Fame & Partners


DATE CARD SIX: Most importantly – get into the big event! Cheer on your fave for the win and let's hope it isn't as emotional as last time...

Channel 10


P.S Choose wisely G Love!

Love LENZO x