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July 10, 2018

Papier tells us the do’s and don’ts of writing a heartfelt thank you note

In this digital age where the majority of communication is sent via emails, SMS, and social media messages, a handwritten note truly stands out. When you want to express your genuine appreciation for a thoughtful act, expression, or gift, nothing says it better than with a personalised thank you note.

LENZO predicts the traditional and humble thank you note will be making a big return, so we prepared ourselves by asking stationery superstars Papier all about the do’s and don’ts of sending a thank you note. Here’s what they had to say:

What situation requires a thank you note?

There are a few occasions when it is considered good manners to send a thank you note:

  • After receiving gifts from a wedding, bridal or baby shower
  • Sympathy when accompanied with flowers
  • For congratulations
  • After being hosted as a guest for one or more night’s stay
  • Gifts received during a hospital stay
  • After a job interview (whilst this is not necessary, it will definitely help you stand out from other applicants)

Papier tells us that nowadays, more and more people are sending thank you notes to show their appreciation for even the littlest of gestures: thanks for sitting the dog or baby, thank you for dinner, or even just to show your gratitude to a supportive partner.

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How do you tell someone ‘thank you’ in words?

Did you know that there are over 30 ways to tell someone ‘thank you’ using just words? Here’s a few examples from Papier:

Thank you / Thanks so much / Thanks a lot / Thanks a bunch / Thanks! / I really appreciate it / You shouldn’t have / I’m so grateful for… / I’m so thankful for… / Many thanks for… / I’m eternally grateful for… / I cannot thank you enough for… / I want you to know how much I value… / Words cannot describe how grateful we are for… / Please accept my deepest thanks for…

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Remember, your recipient may not recall exactly what was written on the card, but they’ll remember how it made them feel to get a handwritten note from you.

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Do’s and don’ts of writing thank you cards

There’s nothing complicated about writing a thank you note, but you’ll make a great job if you follow these etiquette rules:


  • Make sure your notes are sent a few days after the event, at the very latest. Timing matters
  • Keep it legible and short, and don’t overthink what to say
  • Be specific: “Thank you for the birthday present” doesn’t have the same impact as, “Thank you for your lovely vase; it was a beautiful gift”
  • Be romantic when writing to a partner. Some of us are guilty of taking our partners for granted, which can breed resentment. Research from the Journal of Experimental Psychology confirms that acts of spontaneity rekindle those first-date flutters, so don’t wait for your anniversary to reignite the spark. Say it with a thank you note
  • Choose stationery that fits your personal style. It’s a great opportunity to show off your personality – from loud and leopard print to a chic monochrome design, there are so many options to best convey your style. However, caution should be exercised (see the last point in the list of “don’ts”)


  • Don’t forget to spell-check. Make sure the recipient’s full name is spelled correctly
  • Don’t over-thank, as it may potentially make the recipient feel uncomfortable
  • Don’t ramble
  • Don’t choose stationery that is inappropriate to the recipient and the situation. A pastel floral design will suit your grandmother but maybe not your boss

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Still hesitant to part with technology? You could say “thank you” with a photo: why not add a snap to your note? Grandparents and relatives particularly love this added personal touch.

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This quote by Taymoor Atighetchi, founder of Papier, sums up the importance of handwritten thank you notes perfectly:

“It is so important, in a digital world, to take the time to sit down and handwrite something. A WhatsApp followed by a heart emoji or a quick Slack message across the office just doesn’t convey the same meaning. If you want to stand out and appear more polished, probably the easiest thing you can do is write that thank you note.” - Taymoor Atighetchi, founder of Papier.

We couldn't agree more!

So, whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, Papier has a large collection of thank you cards online for you. Browse their gorgeous collection today and customise to suit your personal style.

Love, LENZO x