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September 12, 2019

Strike a posie, there’s nothin’ to it … Vogueing with Brett Matthew John!

It’s a case of sunshine and feeling fine at LENZO, as we welcome in one of our favourite seasons – Spring! What’s not to love about gloriously warmer weather, blue skies over head and gorgeous garden beds popping with peonies?

With the scent of fresh florals in the air, who better to celebrate the beginning of Spring with then a supplier worthy of his very own September issue – Brett, of Flowers by Brett Matthew John. And in the spirit of Vogue, we have 73 (ahem, 50) questions for him!

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Would you judge us terribly for being utterly cliché and asking what your favourite flower is?

Don't even! How did we know this would be first?!

What is your favourite flower?

At the moment, garden roses.

First memory of flowers …

The stunning red flowering pohutukawa trees in Auckland when I was young lining the beach of the north shore.

Did you always want to be a florist?

No, I wanted to be a fashion designer and live in NYC.

When did you start your own floral business?

2016, just after Madi (our head florist) and I graduated together from floristry school.

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Where do you find inspiration from for your floral designs and installations?

We all spend our lunch break scrolling Insta. We're always finding so much inspiration from our fellow florists from around Australia and beyond, but we also inspire ideas within each other - we spend hours on end geeking out over flowers on the daily!

Favourite floral styling project to date? (Don’t kill us for asking!)

We had the pleasure of doing the florals for the Emirates Annual Gala 2019 at the NGV. We loved all the jewel tones and getting to work with the amazing space. The roof blows me away every time! #GOALS

Without wanting to steal your thunder, what tips do you have for styling a beautiful event?

Quality over quantity.

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

What flower trend are you happy to have seen come and go?

Quicksand roses, we want to see a new colour take over the thrown from this old favourite. Next!

What flower trend do you love right now?

We’ve been loving using feathers in our work at the mo! They bring a fabulous lightness and movement to our arrangements!

Are flower trends driven by local flowers, or do you look to the world stage for inspiration?

The world stage is always a place of inspiration, but we do like to work with what's available locally when we can, so that does dictate our work a lot.

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Speaking of the world, you’ve just launched Flowers by Brett Matthew John in New Zealand! Tell us more?

FBMJ now has a small studio in Auckland! Which is super exciting. We're super excited to introduce our brand into the NZ floristry scene.

What will set your work apart from other floral artists in NZ?

Flicks hair

Are there any local flowers you’re looking forward to playing within NZ?

Hydrangea and cymbidium orchids that are locally grown in NZ are always amazing!

Anything else you’re looking forward to playing with in NZ?!

The road-side foliages and flowers! Cheeky, but always so beautiful! Always leave the house with a set of snips!

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

How do you handle the travel?

Fine, the short flight gives us time to turn off the phone, and wind down!

Beauty secrets for looking so fab after a long haul?

Moisture masks on the plane are a must! You might look crazy, but your skin will thank you.

Who’s a more badass NZ babe? Jacinda Ardern or Xena Warrior Princess?

Jacinda for sure! She is amazing! "Okay Google, play Flawless by Beyoncé.”

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?

DUH, Marilyn! We actually have a bunch on our website named after her! White and classic!

Kanye West or Taylor Swift?

Neither. I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Megan Markle or Kate Middleton?

Who? WORST wedding flowers of all time. Don't come for me.

On that thought, fave royal (or celeb) wedding moment of all time?

Mandy Moore's pink pampas and baby’s breath fantasy of a wedding WAS THE REAL DEAL.

Are brides as fussy to work with as they come across?

Sometimes, but aren’t we all?!

Who is the Flowers by Brett Matthew John bride?

Anyone with a vision that is all their own!

Favourite bridal floral trend right now?

En masse flowers.

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

What do you say to the bride who only wants peonies?

“New number, who this?”

Gyp at weddings – yay or nay?

Yes! Only en masse!


YAS! Always and forever!

Have you walked, skipped or sashayed down the aisle yet?

Drake if you're reading this, call me.

If you have, what did your flowers look like? And if you haven’t, dream bridal bouquet please!

Off the cuff - white lilac en masse!

Matching bridesmaids or mismatched gowns. Verdict?

Mismatched, every time!

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

What’s the best part about being involved in people’s special day?

Being able to bring their vision to life and making their day that little bit more magical.

Similarly, what’s the best part about working with flowers all day?

We’re constantly being inspired. The market is never the same twice.

And the wort part?

Dirty, cold, cracked and aching hands! Mani’s are a must for us!

Worst client of all time – spill!

Our therapists have told us we can't talk about it anymore … We don’t kiss and tell, but you can read all our tea in our upcoming tell-all biography called, “Snips, Scandals and Secrets”!

If you weren’t prettying parties with your colourful creations, what would you be doing?

Attending more parties or sleeping.

Aside from building bouquets, what else are you an absolute gun at?

Making a mean mood board! Day in and day out!

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Do you have a party trick?

Reciting the Spice World - The Movie word for word, start to finish.

What’s your party drink of choice?

“I'd like a cheeseburger, please, large fries and a cosmopolitan.”

Favourite party that you’ve styled?

Skin Angel's 3rd birthday party was pretty awesome!

Favourite fashion designer?

Marc Jacobs.

Favourite piece of clothing?

Black market morning jacket.

If you had to pick a flower that best represents you, what would it be?

A pink tree peony, rare and beautiful! Glances off into the distance

And an animal?


Favourite movie?

Spice World - The Movie.

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Favourite party planners? (Better say LENZO!)

See above.

Favourite LENZO editorial you’ve worked on?

The recent LENZO Edit we did at Neptune Food & Wine.

Where do you see yourself – and the business – in five years’ time?

World domination.

Business goal you wanna tick off your bucket list?

Working for Vogue - call us!

What are you looking forward to most now that it’s Spring?!

Warmer weather and fab season flowers. Lilac! Snowball! Tree peonies!

The Party People - Flowers by Brett Matthew John

With seasonal flowers and botanicals arriving in store daily, Flowers by Brett Mathew John specialise in spectacular floral solutions for intimate gatherings, weddings, corporate events and media launches.

From conventional decorative solutions and ice-breaking table pieces to elaborate arrangements and party favours, Brett and his creative team pride themselves on their in their ability to achieve a client’s vision – whatever the event type or concept.

Learn more about Flowers by Brett Matthew John on The LENZO Marketplace now!


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