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May 30, 2017

The first scoop into LA's sweetest hot spot, the Museum of Ice Cream is leaving us at LENZO with massive sugar cravings.

Photo Credit A Whimsy Wonderland

Photo Credit Eddie Eng

Photo Credit Katie Gibbs Photography

Designed by Maryellis Bunn, the 25 year old Californian curated the idea with the desire to cure an early childhood case of sweet-tooth syndrome, after she spent her younger years wishing her LA beaches were sprinkle-filled. Not only designing each ice cream and chocolate-filled room on her own, the fast-paced success has encouraged her to open more Museums in Miami and San Francisco before you even begin your second scoop.

Photo Credit Katie Gibbs Photography

Photo Credit Katie Gibbs Photography

We just couldn't help ourselves in sharing this hot spot and you had us at the swimming pool of sprinkles - #YUM, unfortunately, however none of it can be consumed as a tasty sweet treat, but you can recreate this DIY sprinkle candle and these incredible delicious sprinkle and soda pop waffle cake's from our blog to include on your next lolly bar or cake stand.

Love LENZO x

Photo Credit Amy Chang

Photo Credit Studio DIY

Photo Credit Mary Ellis

Hero Image Photography Kate Gibbs