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November 15, 2018

Meet the mobile flower truck on wheels making Perth’s streets brighter

Let’s face it: truck culture is huge. Ice cream. Hotdogs. Burgers. You name it, and you can probably buy it from the back of a truck or van.

Now, as you all know, LENZO is always one step ahead when it comes to trends in the event world, so we’d like to be the first to share with you something new and exciting: a mobile flower truck! This trend has just taken off in the US and Europe, and we were yet to see one right here in Australia… until now.

Meet Poppy’s Flowers, a mobile florist bringing the flower shop experience directly to you in a fresh and exciting way!


Founder and CFO (that’s Chief Florist Officer!) Milly is the brains behind this incred business idea. Her 1963 split-screen Kombi ute came from humble beginnings, and was originally abandoned in a paddock in South Australia. Since then, it was lovingly restored and transformed into a mobile flower shop where the Poppy's Team creates, sells and delivers unique floral art throughout Perth and Western Australia.

The inspiration behind the business

Where did Milly get her inspiration for building her own bouquets on (super cute) wheels? She tells us:

“It was all about thinking outside the box when it came to events. I wanted to find a way to bring flowers to the party - literally. So, what was more Instagrammable than standing in front of a pretty truck full of fresh blooms?”



The bright and bold turquoise truck (named ‘Bertie’ - #HOWCUTE!) from where Milly sells her flowers is impossible to miss, and for good reason: the Poppy’s Flowers Truck is also the perfect backdrop at rustic outdoor weddings, corporate launches, or any event where you want your guests to snap a pic and share on Instagram.

Fresh flowers right at your doorstep

For Milly, it’s all about giving your guests a piece of your event to take home. Whether it’s for a corporate launch, a wedding, or even a busy coffee shop on the weekends, you can hire the truck to set up shop for the day to create on-the-spot floral arrangements or bonbonnieres for your guests or customers to take home!

Customers can pick out their blooms by individually selecting their fave flowers from the huge collection on display, or the incredibly talented team at Poppy’s can assemble them in one gorgeous arrangement – complete with a cute little bow to tie it all in together!


Not just a pretty truck…

First and foremost a florist, Poppy's offers traditional florist services where she specialises in daily deliveries of customised fresh flowers from her brick-and-mortar shop front, as well as styling weddings, corporate events, and private parties using carefully selected, high-end blooms.

If you’re a business, you can also enjoy weekly deliveries of blossoms to fill your reception area or boardrooms to create that amazing first impression.



Poppy’s Flowers has a bloom to suit every occasion, sentiment, or personal style. The team at Poppy's can bring to life any image of the style you want, whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or even ‘just because’ (we mean, do you really need a reason to spoil yourself with a bouquet of beautiful roses?)


So, what else does Poppy's Flowers have planned for 2019 and beyond? Well, you'll just have to come along for the ride to find out (psst - we've been told her near future may or may not have a younger sister for Bertie!)

You heard it here first: Poppy’s Flower Truck is going to be the #NextBigThing in Perth… and maybe even Australia!? Get ready to see Poppy's Kombi hitting the streets and flowering up that sweet little town of yours!

Love, LENZO x



Written by Melbourne blogger Maree Mikhaiel