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March 01, 2017

Returning back to your work routine after summer holidays can be a real drag, you're still thinking about your endless summer afternoons by the water, devouring fresh summery fruit and soaking up all the Vitamin D your skin can contain with a drink in hand. At LENZO we will never knock back an excuse for a refreshing beverage, so we just had to share this decorative Ice Cube trend.

On all levels of social media it's as though decorative ice cubes are the #coolest way to clink your drinks together and have totally become a necessity with consuming a hard earned beverage. The trend is only just gracing the pages of lifestyle blogs and Pinterest feeds, so we're expecting to see more unique and creative ways to add a little more sparkle and flavour to your drink.

It's now time to break out the ice trays and to perhaps continue on treating yourself to a hard earned cocktail, detox water or an icy cold coffee. Chill out and scroll down to some of the coolest and easy ice cube idea's to add to your afternoon sip.

Love LENZO x

A Subtle Revelery

Imma Eat That

Dale Detalles

Nav K Brar

A Subtle Revelery

Jacquelyn Clark


The Weir House


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