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May 09, 2019

Say my name: let’s get personal with monogrammed gifts

Nowadays, it seems we give gifts more regularly than ever before (there’s always an engagement party, baby shower, or kid’s birthday coming up, right?) so no wonder it’s becoming more and more difficult to find an original present.

It’s for this reason that personalised gifts have recently soared in popularity. And we’re not talking about mass production of key rings or pencil cases that feature popular names: no, we’re talking much more luxe…

“personalised Image credit: The Daily Edited

Whether it’s a Nutella jar or a sleek phone cover, everyone from the age of 7 to 70 loves a gift that’s just for them. Receiving a present that’s been engraved with your own name on it just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling that an off-the-shelf present just can’t duplicate.

So, here’s some of our favourite custom monogrammed gift ideas to get your mum, best friend, girlfriend, or sister-in-law!



A timeless gift to give the one you love, take it to the next level with a personalised box. Write a short message that demonstrates your appreciation or keep it simple with just their name: after the last flower has wilted, the box can be reused to store any other sentimental possessions.

Who for? mum, sister, best friend (or yourself!)

“personalised Shop flowers online: Flowers by Sureyya


Cosmetic pouches, travel tags, bags or phone cases – almost anything can be custom monogrammed nowadays. And we’re in love with the concept of having our names scrawled on our most prized possessions (it’s like we’re back in primary school, but we’ve replaced contact paper with a much cooler aesthetic).

Who for? bridal party, best friend, boss

“personalised Shop lifestyle accessories online: The Daily Edited


We’ve said it before that we’re having a moment with neon, so imagine receiving a huge, light-up homage to your own name to hang above your bed! Or, you could go minimalist with an acrylic or timber frame.

Who for? your favourite ‘just married’ couple, mum-to-be (for the baby!), best friend

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A house isn’t really a home until it’s sprinkled with lots of custom mementos, such as personalised cushions, notepads, and candles. Stylish pieces made just for them can add a personal, one-of-a-kind touch to a space.

Who for? mum, mother-in-law, best friend, boss


Colourful, fun, and bouncy: who knew that a bag of air could bring so much joy to one’s life? And, what could be more special than a jumbo sized confetti-filled balloon with a personalised message to the recipient? (Just think about that swoon-worthy Instagram pic!)

Who for? sister, best friend or younger cousin

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Activate: chill mode. If it were up to us, we would live in our pyjamas! Easily the ultimate symbol of relaxation, custom pyjamas aren’t just reserved for the bridal party on your Big Day anymore. We know we would love to receive a luxe pair of PJ’s with our initials or names monogrammed onto the front pocket (and don’t you think this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘sweet dreams’?)

Who for? anyone!

“personalised Shop personalised pyjamas online: Sleeping W. The Enemy

The rise and rise of personalised products

So, why has custom gifting become so popular? We went straight to the source and asked Sureyya from Flowers by Sureyya. This is what she shared with us:

"The most important thing about gifting is showing the receiver how much thought and effort you have put into their gift. So, this is where presenting a personalised gift becomes the ultimate gifting experience. It shows you have been thinking of them and using creativity to come up with something unique. This makes the receiver feel very special about themselves."

We couldn’t agree more!

So, ditch the boring gifts and try something that she’s not expecting but will #LOVE. A little bit of personalisation can really can make a world of difference to the recipient!

Love, LENZO x