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May 29, 2017

Whether you’re interested in wedding venues, party venues, or something for another kind of event, this is one of the most important details you’ll need to decide on. While some people love hosting events in their home, hiring a special venue can be a much simpler option.

There are a lot of benefits to hosting your event at a hired venue, depending on the type of venue you choose. They often come with things like caterers, waiters, bartenders, and will often provide some level of decoration for you. They will provide a basic set-up for you, and will take care of the majority of the clean-up after everything is done and dusted. There’s also all the material things you might not think about: a professional venue will have seating, glasses, knives and forks, an urn for coffee, a microphone, tablecloths and other things like this. Having a DIY wedding at your family’s farm, for example, is a lot more complicated when you realize you have to find 200 sets of cutlery and a sound system on top of everything else!

There are some basic questions you should consider before choosing a venue:

  • How many guests do I want to invite?
  • Do I want an indoor event, an outdoor event, or the option for both?
  • Do I want the venue to provide other services? (catering, for example. Some venues do not allow for you to bring in a caterer)
  • Does my event have a theme or a specific style I want the venue to reflect?
  • What do I need my venue to have available? (for example, seating for every guest, a dancefloor, space for a full band to play, a cry room for babies)
  • Do I want to serve alcohol? (While more traditional venues are likely to have their own bar, there are lots of places that aren’t licensed for the service or consumption of alcohol)
  • Do I require exclusive use of the facility? (will you be bothered by another event taking place in the room down the hall?)
  • How long do I need the venue for? Do I need access the day before to set up my decorations? Do I want to continue late into the night? (Noise restrictions or other curfews are in place at some venues)
  • What is my budget? (remember to consider whether the venue provides other services when comparing prices, as well as the length of time you will have access to the space)

    Once you have the answers to these questions, you will have some idea of what you’re looking for, and what you need to ask about when you visit potential locations. Venues at LENZO

    At LENZO, we curate some of the very best venue options for you to explore. Whether you’re after a stunning restaurant by the sea, a contemporary art gallery or a garden straight from a fairytale, we can help. We know venues, and we can help you choose the right one.

    Our top venue recommendations:

  • L1 Studios Rooftop
  • Vila Kula
  • The Highline
  • Carriageworks
  • The Estate Trentham
  • Campbell Point House
  • Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel
  • Two Ton Max

    Venues for all occasions

    There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to venues. People will look for very different features, so think about what is important to you. You might want a stunning view, an indoor-outdoor entertainment area, or a sleek contemporary design.

    Some popular types of venues are:

  • Beaches
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Function centres
  • Gardens
  • Inner city venues
  • Vineyards
  • Farms and countryside locations
  • Industrial spaces
  • Churches
  • Unique spaces (e.g. a museum or zoo)
  • Private property

    Wedding venues

    The venue is absolutely crucial when it’s the most important party you will ever throw! When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, make sure you find out how many guests can be accommodated and whether the venue has preferred vendors they require you to use for catering and other things. Know what services are included, what staff will be available to help, and ask every question you can think of before you sign the contract.

    Kids venues

    When your event is for kids it pays to choose your venue with them in mind. Ask a staff member what their policy is, and pay attention to the way they talk about children. They may not have a ‘no kids’ rule, but do they sound cautious or enthusiastic? Ideally you’ll want to choose a venue where they totally get kids and love having them around. Think like a kid and look for fountains, ponds, stairs and other things that could spell mischief. Venues with some sort of entertainment (A playground! An arts and crafts station!) are the dream.

    We recommend checking out local cafes or brunch spots for a kids party, so in Melbourne we love The Stables of Como and Lucky Penny. You also can check out amusement parks, playgrounds, local pools and the beach for other fun ideas!

    Birthday party venues

    Choosing a birthday party venue depends mainly on two things: what age group you are catering to, and how many guests you are hosting. For an adults only party, a bar might be perfect, but if the whole family is going to be there then think about how appropriate the venue is for kids. Think about how much control you want over the event. Do you want to show up, eat, party and leave? Or would you like to be given a key to the place and take care of everything yourself?

    Hens party venues

    Hens day parties happen in all kinds of venues! For a boozy night with the girls you’ll probably want a bar in-house, but some people prefer a dinner, a high tea or brunch. You might also consider a weekend away at a winery or a night by the sea. Know what sort of vibe you’re going for and there will be a venue to match.

    Baby shower venues

    Whether it’s a small gathering with your closest friends or a giant celebration of life, your baby shower party needs a fitting venue. Usually you’ll be choosing between a private home; a hired facility like a hall, restaurant or function room; or somewhere in the great outdoors, like a park or the beach. A hired venue is usually the easiest choice since you can ensure space, plenty of seating and easy access to toilets (not glamorous, but important!).

    A theme for everyone

    A good choice of venue will carry the theme for the entire event, meaning you only have to worry about adding small details to complement the environment. Some popular venue styles that people choose to use as themes are:

  • Beach or seaside
  • Gardens
  • Inner city
  • Vineyard or winery
  • Farm or countryside
  • Industrial
  • Art gallery or other unique space

    Factor in your location

    Different regions of Australia are perfect for certain types of venues, though you’ll find plenty of variety everywhere. To make the most of your location, consider some of the following features:

  • Victoria boasts incredible beaches along the Mornington Peninsula, the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine Peninsula. For lovers of greenery there’s the Dandenongs, the Otways and the Grampians to choose from. There’s also the city laneways, historic architecture and the famous wineries in the Yarra Valley and other wine regions.

  • New South Wales features the stunning blue mountains, the Hunter region wineries and restaurants, and the beaches of the North Coast with Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour, plus the beautiful Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach.

  • Queensland is the dream for beaches with the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and the Whitsundays. There are tonnes of tropical islands just off the coast of Queensland too for that destination wedding feel. The Daintree rainforest is also right in your backyard, for something completely different.

  • South Australia is all about the wineries of the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley. There’s also the beautiful beaches of the Eyre, Fleurieu and Yorke Peninsulas, and the cliffs and caves of the limestone coast.

  • Tasmania hosts some of the best restaurants and wineries in the world, nestled in some of the most scenic mountains and bushland. There are also heaps of venues along the banks of the Derwent, and all sides of the coastline.

  • Western Australia is huge and diverse. From Cable Beach and Lucky Bay to the national parks of the Kimberley, there’s something for everyone.

  • The ACT is full of the most well-designed contemporary spaces in the nation, including the National Gallery, the National Museum, the National Arboretum, and the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

  • The Northern Territory is host to resorts from Uluru and Alice Springs to Darwin Harbour, so whether it’s the blue sea or the red rock you want, you’ll find it.

    Final things to consider

    Make sure you consider the needs of all your guests when choosing a venue. Ask yourself these questions to help:

  • Will my guests have to travel a long way to get to this venue? Is it difficult to find? Is there plenty of parking available?

  • If the venue is outdoors, do I have a workable backup plan if the weather turns bad? Is there enough shelter from the sun if the weather is very hot?

  • Is this location accessible for all my guests? (for example, some people struggle with stairs or rough terrain)

  • Is the space suitable for children? Will parents be able to enjoy the event easily? (for example, a pool or fountain can cause stress for parents with small children)

    Your venue really does set the scene for your entire event, so you want to get it right! Keeping all these things in mind and doing your research carefully is the very best thing you can do to make your wedding, birthday party or other event perfect.