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Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Wedding

January 25, 2017
Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Wedding

So you just got engaged - congratulations! Now it’s time for the fun stuff, it’s time to start planning your wedding.

Weddings are one of the happiest times of your life, but they can also be the most stressful, with so much to plan and so many details to consider. But you don’t need to go through all the planning alone: we can help you with any of the details, from the best venues, to the best cake makers.

It’s best to start with the theme and then look to secure the biggest items such as venue, celebrant, photography and dress as early as possible. You don’t want to leave anything to the last minute, as that’s guaranteed to add stress, and you should get to enjoy as much of the planning as possible. Always keep in mind that the more time you give yourself, the better off you’ll be as you’ll more likely get your first choice, and even if you don’t, you’ll have more time to pick an alternative you love just as much.

Here we bring you the best of our wedding suppliers and products in the one destination so you can shop / book a service or hire from the best in the business and plan your big day with ease.

Weddings with LENZO

LENZO is a one stop shop destination for weddings.

We are on point and at the forefront of trends and have the freshest wedding content in the country. We set the trends through our wedding Editorial and we feature some of Australia’s most beautiful and on trend ‘real’ weddings.

We have also teamed up with the best in the business, with our wedding contributor from Nouba Blog, who will share wedding ideas and inspiration.

At LENZO, you can shop directly from Australia’s most loved wedding suppliers including venues, photography, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, event hire, decorations and more.

LENZO covers all types of events, so we also share great hens day ideas that you can then directly shop the look from.

Wedding themes

Choosing a wedding theme will be the basis for everything - from the decor, to the flowers to the favors, to the dress. The wedding theme will be the centre anchor point and can be threaded through all elements of your big day.

When choosing a wedding theme, before anything, think about where you intend to get married as that can also be the decisive factor when setting a theme. More than anything, the theme should really embrace who you are as a couple. If you are the outdoors type, why not decide on a country wedding? And if you are beach lovers, then why not get hitched at the beach?

To create the perfect theme for you, it’s great to start with a theming moodboard. Gather inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest (oh, and LENZO of course!) and work this theming through all elements of your big day. If you start to feel you are getting off track with your theming, go back to your moodboard as it will keep you focused!

Some inspiration of popular themes that never go out of style:

Luxe Wedding - With peach and marble pops shot at Campbell Point House.

Feminine Floral Wedding - Pretty flower details, pink accents and luxe dresses? Tick, tick and tick!!

Beach Wedding - [A wedding perfect for the boho bride shot at Halcyon House by Heart and Colour.](/blog/beach-chic-wedding 

Modern Wedding - A modern, fun take on a bright and bold wedding inspiration. 

Traditional (or classic) wedding - Shot at The Estate in Trentham, this is one of our fave weddings. 

Modern Wedding - A modern, fun take on a bright and bold wedding inspiration.

Vintage Wedding - Go vintage luxe for your wedding.

Rustic Wedding - Wanting a darker vibe? Then check out our gorgeous metallic hued wedding at Gather and Tailor.

Wedding Details

It’s important to consider all the details when planning a wedding. A checklist is a great way to ensure you have crossed off all important tasks to bring your day to life. Another great way to do this is to invest in a wedding planner. We have some here at LENZO who would love to help you plan your dream wedding.

And it’s not all about the way your special day will look when planning a wedding. Think about the running of the day and keep your guests top of mind.

Put contingencies in place for poor weather: is there some undercover shelter you can move to if it starts to rain? Or, you could hire a marquee to provide some cover.

At LENZO we are all about the pretty details - and it is in the details that elevate an event or wedding from good to great to memorable.

A great way to enhance your wedding details is through personalisation and we are seeing more of this trend.

So to all the details.


We at LENZO LOVE our flowers! Flowers can make or break a table and in our opinion if you are going to choose to spend your budget wisely, you won’t be disappointed if you allocate a large portion to flowers.

The bouquet is the centrepiece of flowers - and we suppose you could say this sets the flower theming.

The first thing that’s important is to work with a theme and then choose a colour palette that complements your theme. Second to the theme is the season you plan to get married in. You’ll have the largest selection of flowers at the end of spring / beginning of summer. These days you can import flowers but this can be very costly. Embrace the seasonality and pick flowers that will be easily accessible. It’s also important to have a backup plan with flowers - the flower market may not have what was ordered and a florist often must think on their toes.

Also think about durability, especially when considering your bouquet. A hydrangea is a stunning flower, but it will wilt if left out of water. This especially needs to be considered in the hotter months.

Some popular flower colour palettes and combinations include:

All white flowers arrangements. Works with roses including David Austin and Peonies / Hydrangea / Lisanthus / Tulips / daisies / blossom / orchids / sweet pea / dried cotton / dusty miller foliage

All green arrangements. Who said you need flowers? We are seeing more brides opt for a tropical look with palms. This can be supported with a pop of colour with coral peonies or perfect whites and orchids

Pink Pastels. A mix of peachy pink shades are really beautiful. Some of the most beautiful flowers in this collection include roses (peonies, spray and David Austin), Dahlias, hyacinth, periwinkle, rastilbe, cherry blossom

Bright Colour. - Be bold and go bright with a colourful combination of bright flowers such as rananculus, camelia, cosmos, poppies, Bromeliaceae, Dahlia hybrida, and Bougainvillea.

LENZO recommended

For some of the most stunning flower arrangements, these are some of our favourite florists:

Elyssium Blooms - For bold beautiful bouquet and a colourful flower palette, look no further than Elyssium Blooms

Oh Flora Studio - If you are inspired by an organic feel, Oh Flora is a loose leaf specialist. She also does a fabulous Flower Crown Hens Day

Botanics of Melbourne - The masters of installation! Shane and his team are flower specialists of Melbourne. They are generous and work with any brief.

Lulu Bird - Works beautifully with a classic palette and great at Installation

Butcher Baker Stylist - The best in the business in Perth. Butcher Baker is on point and sets trends rather than follows them.

Boutierre Girls - Orchids and roses are their specialty! Sydney florist

Mr Cook Flowers - On trend. Popular Sydney florist

Food and desserts

We at LENZO believe the best way to a guest's heart is through their stomach! With food allergies, the growth in healthy eating, pregnancy, and vegan/vegetarians, your guests may have specific food needs so it’s imperative to ensure their dietary requirements are declared on the invitation.


Again, link the catering back to your wedding theme - it’s a fabulous way to inject personality into your food. There are many choices when it comes to catering: the venue may have an in-house cook or you may be getting married at a restaurant where the food comes with the territory. But if you are planning a wedding in a marquee or open space such as a studio, you may have a selection of caterers to choose from.

Consider the type of wedding you will be hosting. Is it a sit down meal / cocktail event as this will be the basis of the menu. If you are hosting a cocktail style wedding, be sure to order some hearty dishes or additional canapes to ensure your guests are satisfied.

LENZO recommended

Get your taste buds excited with some of our favourite wedding caterers:

Peter Rowland Catering - One of our go to caterers in Melbourne, who always create the tastiest bespoke menus!

Fred and Ginger Catering - a catering company made up of a unique group of individuals who have created a movement of change within Melbourne’s catering scene.

Damm Fine Food - a Melbourne based event management and catering company.

Byron Bay Weddings -The name says it all! Based in Byron Bay, you can expect a lot of delectable treats from these guys! 

Studio Neon - Our go-to Sydney caterer!!! 

Food can also be favors! We are seeing a heap of growth in edible gifting. A personal touch can also be added to this. Think cookie place cards or premium chocolate take home packs.


We love dessert at LENZO, and the cake is a great way to add an element of fun in your day. Think about the cake design first and link back to the theme. Also it’s important to consider the number of guests and the best part - the flavours! We are seeing lots of couples opt for a savoury cheese cake as an alternative to traditional cake.

LENZO recommended

For wedding cakes, some of our favourite cake suppliers include:

The Cake that Ate Paris - Gold Coast wedding cake designer creates the coolest creations we have ever seen!

Cake Ink - Melbourne based cake and stationery designer, so all elements of your wedding can be cohesive.

Sweet Bakes - Cakes, cookies and toffee apples galore!

Unbirthday Bakery -The creators of the topped cake craze that has hit Instagram.

Nectar and Stone -Melbourne's best dessert designer.

Hair, makeup and outfits

You want to feel fabulous on your big day! We at LENZO always say you want to feel a “better version of yourself” - but we think it’s still important to go for a style both beauty and fashion wise that suits your personality and the theme of the wedding. A big mistake is to try to go for something that’s completely foreign to you. If you like to wear your hair parted every day, then it’s probably more than likely that you will be happiest with your hair if you stick to this style! Likewise with makeup - still choose a palette that works with your daily regime but is obviously applied by an expert!

Second perhaps only to the dress, the ‘do is a bride’s defining style decision.

Firstly make the big decision between an up-do or a long flowing hairstyle for your wedding. In terms of trends, braids and flower crowns have dominated the hair trend charts for many years, and will likely do so for many more. While a bunch of the current trends reference this bohemian look, others are a move toward a more contemporary vibe.

LENZO recommended Makeup Artists

Some of our favourite Hair and Makeup artists include:,

Isabella Quinn Makeup - LENZO's go to Melbourne makeup artist who is known for her bubbly personality and amazing makeup skills.

Bronzed by Emma - Fake tans are a must for any wedding, so Bronzed by Emma has our back.

Tess Holmes - Melbourne / Geelong hair and makeup artist who is always painting our fave celebrities faces.

The Bridal Makeup Co - Sydneysiders, don't worry we have your back too - The Bridal Makeup Co is definitely a must to enquire.

Emma Chen Hair and Makeup - Emma Chen is such a lovely lady to work with and her hair and makeup skills are like no others on the Gold Coast and on Byron Bay.

The Dress

The dress is all so important for the bride-to-be and with so many options, it really can be a difficult task. Firstly, think of the colour you want - there are so many shades of white, from ivory to eggshell, and there is always the option to go for a different colour dress, like a bright pop, subdued pink, or blue - or our favourite: a glistening champagne gold or sparkly silver. There is also the length to think about - will it be full length, midi or a mini? Don't forget the fabric - should you go silk, lace or beaded? From here, find a design you love and you know will work with your body type, and also coordinate your bridesmaids!

LENZO recommended

Some of our fave Designers for different budgets include:

Budget Conscious - Grace Loves Lace 

Mid Range - Anna Campbell, The Bridal Atelier

Deluxe - One Day Bridal, J'aton, Steven Khalil

Wedding venues

A wedding venue can determine the entire wedding theme. A venue should be chosen carefully. This is the single biggest decision (except for your fiancé) when planning your Big Day!

When deciding on a venue, first think about the location you would like to get married, who you will be inviting and then whether you want a wedding in your hometown or state, or a location wedding.

The types of wedding venues include:

Winery Weddings - Great for food lovers and destination weddings

Beach Weddings - Suits seaside wedding / Boho wedding

City Weddings - Suits modern / traditional

Outdoor or Marquee Weddings - Often private properties

Country Estate Weddings - Suits country weddings

Art Galleries and Cultured Venues - Suits modern wedding

Garden Venues - Suits garden rustic or vintage wedding

LENZO recommended

These stunning wedding venues provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding:

Campbell Point House - Situated in Leopold, near Geelong, Campbell Point House has been the muse of many LENZO Weddings 

Vila Kula - A beautiful Perth white space, perfect for creating an amazing wedding.

Avalon Lea - The Byron Bay wedding that inspired our bright wedding shoot. 

The Estate Trentham - The perfect venue for an intimate country side wedding.

Halycon House - The ONLY venue for those beachy Instagram weddings.

Celebrations leading to the wedding

A wedding involves many different occasions.

And it’s not just about the wedding day: it’s about the lead-up and the fun in the build up to the big day. Firstly, there’s the engagement party! This is a great opportunity to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with friends and family, and invite everyone you want to share your special news with - especially if you are choosing to have an intimate wedding.

Next, you need to plan your bachelor or bachelorette party (of course, getting help from the best man or maid of honour respectively.)

Hens Day are one of LENZO’s favourite types of parties, whether it be a smaller affair at home filled with yummy cocktails and amazing desserts or a luxe event at a winery or local estate. We tend to forget the cheeky party favours and go for a more classy event.

Check out all our wedding products here