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October 11, 2018

Table Art explains why you should hire your wedding linen

Often one of the most overlooked styling elements for weddings or events, your linen choice doesn’t just serve as a means to protect guests from spills and stains – it’s also an important aesthetic feature that contributes to your overall colour scheme and décor.

When you consider all the types of linen you’ll need in order to create an incredible event – such as tablecloths, napkins, runners, and more – you’ll notice they play a pivotal role in your total look. But where to begin, when there’s so many colours, designs, and fabrics?

“wedding HIRE: white weave napkins “wedding HIRE: white weave tablecloth

Who better to help you with your floorplan and table design than Table Art? Run by a fabric-obsessed team of three with over 25 years of experience in styling and hospitality between them, they’re in the know when it comes to determining those little details.

Having provided linens for Rozalia Russian’s 30th birthday, Rebecca Judd’s JAGGAD activewear launch, and a few of our editorials – including the Mr & Mr Wedding – we’ve seen first-hand how Table Art can elevate any party into a truly Instagrammable event!

“wedding HIRE: white weave napkins / dusty pink stripe napkins “wedding

So, we asked Table Art whether you should hire or buy your wedding linen, and here’s what they told us:

“It’s simple: hire! Why? Because you don’t need (or want!) to own 15 tablecloths. Renting a large quantity of table linens is a cost-effective way to enjoy high-quality, luxurious tablecloths for just one day only.”

Here are a few other reasons why hiring your linen from Table Art is better than buying:

  • You can get the most on-trend pieces of the current season
  • You won’t have to foot all the costs of ironing, steaming, and dry-cleaning all the linen – in fact, at the end of your event, all you need to do is place your hired tablecloths back into their bags and send back to Table Art, where they do it all for you!
  • You won’t need to find a place to store all 15 tablecloths and napkins once the event is over
  • Table Art transports all hired linen to the venue in wrinkle-free condition for you

“wedding HIRE: blush weave napkins / seafoam tablecloth “wedding

“Planning an event is hard enough without adding the intricate task of figuring out what size tablecloths you need. We offer a free styling appointment in our showroom, where we can play with 70 table linen & 30 candlelight options to create your ideal styled table.”

We also asked Table Art to divulge their trending colour combinations, their must-have linen pieces for any event, and their styling philosophy. Read on to learn a thing or two about the stylists who were asked to provide their gorgeous linen for Oprah’s tour Down Under (yes, really!)

What are your favourite trending colour combinations? 

“We love it when our clients play with colour, and our Denim Weave has definitely been the Table Art team favourite. Flowers just pop so much better on coloured linen! Our most popular colour trend of the season has certainly been grey with a pop of blush... our Whisper Weave with Marshmallow Velvet napkins: a crowd fave!”

“wedding HIRE: denim weave tablecloth “wedding

What are the must-have linen pieces for any event?

“Coloured or textured tablecloth linen. We have a lot of clients using the venue’s table linen and hiring coloured napkins for their event, only to have the napkin placed on the guest’s lap as soon as they sit down - you are then left with the venue’s standard tablecloth.

Hired tablecloth linen will be on the table for the entire evening. If you need to save money anywhere, use the venue’s napkins. For $8 extra per table, you can have a beautiful textured and/or coloured table linen that will be on display all night!” 

LENZO loves a party tip: what is Table Art’s?

“It’s a fine line between practicality and design. If a setting is overcrowded with styling accessories, your guests will feel squashed - ensure there is enough space for the plate, the glassware, and any items the caterer needs to place on the table (think butter, side salads, etc.)”


What was Table Art’s favourite event to style?

“An oldie but a goodie: when Oprah came to town! It was a gorgeous dinner for 150 American competition winners who were ready to party!”

What story will be told about Table Art the day after the party?

“Stunning table linens, great personalised service!”

What is your styling philosophy?

“Make it about you and your personal style and taste. You don’t need all the bells & whistles at the same event. A personalised touch is what your guests will remember. Concentrate on the details: stunning linens, beautiful blooms, simple candlelight, and custom stationery.”


Sounds like our dream wedding right there! And, if you too want stunning linen, table numbers, and centrepieces at your special event, you can now shop Table Art products online directly from the LENZO Marketplace.

Love, LENZO x