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June 20, 2018

Seasonal blooms to decorate your next event

Whether you’re getting married, hosting an engagement party, or celebrating a birthday in winter, it can be challenging trying to find the perfect flowers for your event – especially when your favourites are out of season and nowhere to be found!

In keeping with our sustainability policy, LENZO is all about engaging with local and sustainable floral suppliers in a bid to reduce emissions from travel and transport while supporting local businesses. So, when you use in-season, native blooms, you’re not only helping your pocket but you’re also doing your bit for the environment. Win-win!

So, what flowers are in season during an Australian winter? To answer this question, we chatted with Brett from Flowers by Brett Matthew John, our go-to expert on all things floristry. He gave us an insight into his favourite winter flowers and the best ways to style them for your special event:

“As we say goodbye to the rich, vibrant tones of autumn and welcome the cold, neutral harshness of winter, we gravitate towards nude, toffee, and soft blush tones amid bases of olive, moss, and Sacramento.

We love nude tones as they calm and warm up the cold winter space - we also love styling pops of bright ombré into neutral winter palettes to create excitement and drama.”


“LENZO Image by Brett Matthew John

Phalaenopsis Orchids

“We are loving the form and shape of mocha Phalaenopsis Orchids as they’re so unique. Orchids add an element of luxury to any arrangement.”

We think cascading Phalaenopsis Orchids look amazing when used as a wedding bouquet. Or, when placed on plinths at the entrance to an event or near the desserts station, they can really make an impact.

“LENZO Image by Brett Matthew John “LENZO Image by Brett Matthew John

Quicksand Rose

“We love the romantic and quintessential Quicksand Rose because of its fine fragrance and delicate shape.”

“LENZO Image by Brett Matthew John

For the ultimate romantic wedding bouquet, quicksand roses are a no-brainer. They can also be used to create beautiful backdrops at baby showers, hens days, and corporate launches or for those shareworthy photo opportunities.

Winter Hellebores

“We love Winter Hellebores as they're a seasonal favourite and are available in a variety of special colours, including deep purples and black.”

“LENZO Image via Pinterest

As a bunch, these gorgeous blooms put on an alluring display when used as table centrepieces or for decorations. The rich plum-purple shades can also look stunning in a wedding bouquet to create a moody, romantic vibe.

And what about foliage?

More often than not, we are seeing less flowers and more foliage take centre stage at weddings. Not only is it a unique alternative to a flower filled wedding, but it also provides the perfect contrast to your white gown! For more green inspo, check out this lush greenery baby shower that gets creative with foliage.



Thank you for the beautiful floral inspo, Brett!

Love, LENZO x

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Hero image: Seedflora

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