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October 02, 2018

LENZO goes behind the scenes with Flowers by Brett Matthew John

We all fantasise about having that flower-filled wedding for our Big Day, right? There’s really nothing more beautiful than a roomful of fresh florals in the colour palette of our dreams. But those dreams are usually quashed the moment we receive the quote. (“You want how much for the bridal bouquet!?”) The price might tempt you to opt for fake flowers instead – but please don’t!

If you’re wondering how much to spend on flowers for a wedding, experts say to dedicate a minimum of 10% of your overall budget. And there’s a reason why: ordering flowers for your wedding isn’t a walk in the park (so to speak.) it’s a multi-step process that our fave floral designer Brett Matthew John can tell you all about…


The true cost of wedding flowers

Without accounting for the time spent purchasing the flowers, cleaning them, and delivering them, those floral installations and bouquets you see on Pinterest and Instagram may look effortless, but they take a lot of time to get looking perfect.


We interviewed Brett, who shared with us the huge amount of effort his team goes through into creating the perfect bouquet/centrepiece/floral arrangement for a special event. We can tell you that florists such as Brett Matthew John are worth every pretty penny! And here’s why:

1. What time does your day usually start?

“On a typical busy day of events and boutique trading, my alarm is usually set for 5 AM - I start the day fresh with a shower and some recovery eye cream and rosewater mist, before heading out the door to meet my Head Florist Madi at our favourite wholesalers to select fresh product and curate the vision for that day’s events.”

2. What time do you usually get to the flower market?

"Typically, I meet Madi between 6 and 6:30 AM - after a quick greeting, we split up and hunt down the freshest, most exciting and unique product we can get our hands on. We have fabulous relationships with our wholesalers and they always have one-of-a-kind finds set aside for us. They know our style and favourites well, whether its local flowering Magnolia, Candy Hydrangea, or Lotus Flower.”

3. What time does your day usually end?

"My evenings usually end between 10:30 and 11:30 PM - I typically finish up the day with a peppermint tea while clearing my inbox and submitting quotes. I find myself most relaxed during the evenings and it’s a fantastic time to reflect and plan ahead for the following day.”




4. How often do you contact your client/s during the day?

"If I’m not creating, I have a coffee in one hand and my laptop in front of me. I’m in constant contact with all our clients throughout the day whether it be by email, phone, or socials.”

5. Do you have many client meetings?

“Throughout the week, we have many meeting with clients regarding both small and large-scale events, including wedding, corporate and private. Our consultation space is open all hours for our client's specific needs. We request to meet every Bride before we prepare a quote.”

6. How long does it take you to set up a floral arrangement?

“A lot of planning goes into the creation of any arrangement large or small - from the first brief to curating the mood board, ordering, selecting the product and styling the piece.”




7. How many hours do you work a day roughly?

“On an average day, I work between 15 and 18 hours a day - my longest day was 31 hours. I work 100 hours in any normal week.”

8. Do you ever do two (or three!) events in a single day?

“We only take on as much as we can as we believe in quality over quantity. We like to make sure we are giving 110% to every client we create for. The most we’ve taken on is five clients in one day.” 

9. What’s the most rewarding part of your day?

“The most rewarding part of the day is seeing what you’re working on come together to life as a finished product. Seeing an amazed client is always such a rewarding experience and one we don’t take for granted.”

10. What’s the most difficult part of your day?

“Which member of the team is getting the next round of coffees!”




11. What factors can influence how much you can get done in a day for an event? (e.g. 
weather, driving distance, client requests, taking photos, etc.)

“Floristry is all about problem-solving - you’re constantly having to think on your toes and find solutions for situations regardless of how much planning goes into place. You name it and we’ve dealt with it: crazy winds blowing away ceremony florals; last minute client vision changes; travelling hours between location to location; making flower crowns in the back seat on the way to the venue… However, we are an incredible team and we always nail the job.”


LENZO can definitely agree with that – we’ve used the magic of Flowers by Brett Matthew John in many of our shoots and editorials, including Bec Judd’s Baby Bible launch, FOREO, Love is Love Rainbow Wedding, Gender Reveal Party, and our own LENZO End of Year Celebration!



So, there you have it: with so much effort that goes into wedding flowers, it's little wonder why it can get a bit costly. But, for those amazing photos and unforgettable moments? It's definitely worth it in the end!

Love, LENZO x



Written by Melbourne blogger Maree Mikhaiel